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This podcast is for those who are interested in improving their intimate relationship. If you are in a relationship, and believe in keeping the spark alive, this podcast is for you. For those couples who are dating, engaged, newlyweds, married, or in a long term relationship, we will focus on enhancing your intimate connection. Dr. Kia James, will interview specialists, relationship coaches, marriage counselors, and successful couples to bring you tips, advice, and strategies for making your good relationship or marriage better. Of course, these tips can also benefit couples who are experiencing relationship stress. We will cover topics related to successful co-parenting, creating a healthy blended family, dating, sex, love, passion, supporting your partner, and much more. Nurture your relationship and avoid relationship road blocks. Tune in as we discuss relationship tips that will give your relationship that extra boost!
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Relationship Boosters | Couples | Marriage | Intimacy| Love | Family | Counseling | Marriage Advice | Healthy Marriage


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Jan 25, 2017

Are Entrepreneurs Bad Lovers?

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 15

Chats with Monika:

Relationship Advice for Entrepreneurs and Their Lovers

There is much speculation that the divorce rate for entrepreneurs is higher than the general population. In addition, there are many reports supporting the idea that entrepreneurs are bad relationship partner’s.

Since relationships are important, take a moment to make sure you are not the next entrepreneur put in the horrible relationship partner category.

How Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Relationship.

  • Make deposits in your partner’s emotional bank account.
  • Invest In your relationship
    • Go to retreats for couples
    • Read books about relationship success
    • Use counseling services to work through emotional and sexual problems.
  • Respond to your partner’s phone calls.
  • Make quality time a priority.
    • Eliminate distracted during “couples time.”
  • Have frequent conversations about your business and personal goals.


Jan 21, 2017


Boundaries with In-laws

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 14

Interview with Dr. Pauline Belton:

Are your in-laws building a bridge between you and your partner?

Go to our show notes and get some tips that healthy couples use to prevent their in-laws from causing relationship problems.


Jan 10, 2017

Work Stress and your relationship

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 13

Interview with LeAndrea Banks: 

Do you allow work stress to highjack your life and your relationship?

In today’s world, it is so easy to allow stress to negatively impact your life. Ultimately, it can put a damper on your relationship if you allow it. Recognizing that work stress impacts family life is a must.  How can you prevent your work life from becoming your real-life problem?

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